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Code of Conduct


  1. Attend school regularly and be on time for classes.
  2. Arrive at all classes with all the materials needed to participate fully.
  3. Participate in lessons to the best of your ability.
  4. Ask for help when necessary.
  5. Complete all homework and assignments with care, on time and to the best of your ability.

NOTE: Students will usually be dismissed at 3:30 p.m., however, if class work and/or homework have not been completed, students may be detained until 4:00 p.m.


Students staying for lunch must stay on school property unless written permission or alternative arrangements have been received by the office. Children who cannot adhere to rules may lose lunchroom privileges. Students are only permitted go home for lunch during the second nutrition/fitness break.

  1. Use appropriate table manners.
  2. Talk quietly and remain seated.
  3. Clean up your area before leaving, deposit garbage and recyclables in appropriate containers.

Milk Program:

Power Glen offers milk during both Nutrition Breaks. If your child(ren) enjoys cereal why not send it for their first nutrition Break? Milk cards are available for $17.00 which gives the child 20 milks. Both white and chocolate milk are provided. Forms will be sent home at the beginning of the school year.


For safety reasons, students must stay out of the parking lot area.
Power Glen School supports the Niagara Regional Police recommendation that students should be in grade 4 before they can safely ride a bicycle to school.

  • Bicycles must be walked on and off the school property. Please watch for traffic.
  • Bicycle helmets must be worn at all times.
  • Students are not permitted to linger around the bicycle rack area.
  • It is strongly recommended that bicycles be locked. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen bicycles.
  • Skateboards are not to be ridden on school property. Upon arrival at school, students are to carry their skateboards. During the school day, skateboards are to remain locked in the student's locker.


Students in grade 6 to 8 are permitted to bring their cell phones and electronic devices to school. However, cell phones and electronic devices are only to be used for instructional purposes as directed by the teacher. At all other times, students are to have their devices switched off and stored in their lockers. Students in grades 1 to 5 may be asked/permitted on occasion to bring their electronic devices to school for a specific lesson or event. In either of theses cases, the teacher will send home a specific permission form.


Students should not bring valuable personal property to school. Loss and theft are facts of life and often these lost or stolen articles are never returned to their rightful owner. Similarly, other items may cause unwanted distraction and/or health and safety concerns, and are consequently prohibited from school property.

Do not bring these items to school:

  • hard, golf, and India rubber balls
  • scooters, roller blades
  • unauthorized pills, medicine
  • aerosol sprays and perfumes
  • chewing/bubble gum
  • cell phones & electronic devices

The following items are cause for suspension:

  • tobacco products
  • alcohol, drugs
  • knives, sling shots, etc.
  • matches, lighters



  1. Only one person on the slides at a time.
  2. No pushing.
  3. Students are to play on the playspace only during their allotted times (i.e., First fitness break - primary students, Second fitness break - junior students).
  4. Woodchips remain on the ground at all times.
  5. No running on or around the equipment (ie., playing tag, etc.)
  6. Up the ladder, down the slide.
  7. For safety reasons, students are not permitted on the equipment if they are wearing flip flops.
  8. Students (and teachers) are not permitted to lift other students to reach any part of the equipment.
  9. Teachers reserve the right to limit the number of students on the playspace at any one time.


The following range of consequences is intended to protect the rights of all students. It is essential that all understand the consequences of unacceptable behaviour. Failure to comply with the Conduct Code could result in one or more of these consequences being applied. The aim is to eliminate the misbehaviour and promote self-discipline.

Attendance Contract Informal Discussion
Program Change Behaviour Contract
Loss of Privileges Parental Interview
Restitution Performance Review
Detention Time Out
Behaviour Modification Supervised Study
Formal Interview Parental Contact
Removal from Class Suspension
Expulsion Police Referral
Agency Referral


A teacher or the Principal/Vice Principal talks with the student to reach an agreement regarding the student’s behaviour. If circumstances warrant, a plan may be developed for changing student behaviour or attitudes. Parents may be contacted.

Removal of Privileges

At times, it is necessary to remove students from the school yard during breaks. During this time, students may compete an incident report, school work of participate in community service. Depending on the severity of the incident, students may lose the privilege of participating in special activities.

Parental Involvement

The parent/guardian will be contacted to discuss specific student behaviours and steps that can be undertaken to change behaviour. The nature of the contact may vary from a telephone conversation to a note sent home to a formal conference held at the school.



Punctual and regular attendance is essential if a student is to make successful, rewarding progress. If a child is to be absent, it is essential that the parent call the school before 9:00 a.m. or before 1:00 p.m. for afternoon absences in order to leave a message regarding the reason for the absence. An answering machine is available after hours. If you are not able to contact us by phone, please send a note explaining the reason for the absence when your child returns to school. The office will contact only parents with absent children who did NOT contact the school.


We encourage students to allow themselves enough time to arrive at school on time since students entering late interrupt the established learning environment. Students who are late MUST report to the office. Ministry regulations require that any child not in school at opening hours be marked absent or late. We ask parent/guardian support in ensuring students get to school on time. Students may be required to make up the missed time after school.


Students in kindergarten through grade 3 are dismissed from the north side of the building, while our grade 4 to 8 students will be dismissed from the east doors.

Fitness Breaks and Outside Play:

All students are expected to play outside during fitness breaks. If a student is well enough to attend school, they are well enough to play outside. Please ensure they are dressed appropriately for the weather.


We welcome visitors to our school, but for the protection of our students, ALL visitors must use the front door, sign in at the office and wear a visitor badge while in the building. Parents are asked NOT to meet their children at their classroom door or enter the classroom unannounced as this disrupts the class and causes confusion. Thank you for your continued cooperation.

If you are delivering lunches or other items you are asked to leave them at the office. The item will be delivered when the least amount of disruption will occur.

Use of Telephone:

The telephone is available for student use in the case of emergency, or to call home to say that the student is to be detained after school ONLY. Permission of a teacher or the secretary is necessary to use the phone. Students are to use the school office phone for all communication with parents.

Texts and Supplies:

A complete list of suggested school supplies went home in June and is available from the office. Textbooks are supplied by the school, but are the responsibility of the student to whom they are assigned. If a textbook is lost or damaged, the student is expected to pay any replacement cost.

Locks and Lockers:

All students assigned a locker must use a DUDLEY lock. These can be purchased at the office. Students are reminded to keep lockers clean and orderly. No decorations are allowed on the outside of the locker. All locker assignments, combinations and changes are handled by the office.

Emergency Closing Procedures:

Severe weather conditions or other emergency situations may require that the school be closed during the school day. In this case, we ask parents to refrain from calling the school or asking your child to call home. Our telephone lines must be kept open to receive direction from the Board office. School closings will be announced on local radio stations. Except for unforeseen circumstances, announcements of closings should be made by 7:00 a.m. or by 11:00 a.m. for afternoon kindergarten classes. We ask parents to make alternative arrangements with neighbours or relatives in the event of an emergency closing. Children from kindergarten to grade 6 will not be sent home unless we have assured someone is home, or at the alternate location. Please indicate, on the student information form, where your child is to go in the event of an emergency closing.

School Dress:

At Power Glen, we feel that proper student dress is important. We encourage students to dress in a manner which reflects respect for themselves and for others and which is conducive to an academic atmosphere.

  • Shoes must be worn at all times. All students are to keep a pair of indoor shoes at school.
  • Gym uniform and proper running shoes are required for Phys. Ed. classes.
  • Hats are not to be worn in the building.
  • Short shorts, skirts or skorts (fingertip length), halter tops, tube tops, tops with spaghetti straps, muscle shirts, shirts exposing a student’s mid-section and shirts with questionable messages are not appropriate for school. Lace/transparent tips must be worn with a tank top. Staff reserves the right to request a student change their attire if the clothing is deemed to be inappropriate for school.
  • All tops must have sleeves or straps that have a three-finger thickness. Parents/Guardians are also reminded to mark all clothing and personal items clearly with your child’s name.

Physical Education:

We expect students will have an extra pair of indoor shoes with non-marking soles for the gym. The purpose of this request is to improve the performance of your child and to keep the hardwood floors in excellent condition. Each child is expected to dress appropriately for physical education classes. Students will need sweatpants or shorts, a T-shirt, socks and running shoes. Sweatbands may be worn in gym class only.


We encourage all of our students to be as eco-friendly as possible. Litterless lunches and refillable water bottles are strongly recommended.

Student Accident Insurance:

All students, especially students participating in extracurricular activities, are encouraged to have student accident insurance. The package is sent home in September. We recommend the dental coverage as many plans do not cover chipped or broken teeth. Experience has shown that this coverage is worth having!

Parent - Teacher Interviews:

In November, teachers will organize a time to meet with parents to discuss their child's progress. However, an interview can be arranged at any time at the request of either the parent or the teacher. We encourage close cooperation between home and school.

School Trips and Special Events:

When planning programs, staff may include a trip as part of student learning. These are considered educational and support the curriculum expectations. Other opportunities, like swimming or special presentations by musicians, artists, and drama groups may arise throughout the year. While we conduct fund raising events and try to make arrangements that are not cost prohibitive, most events carry some cost to the student. Thank you for supporting these activities. Should participation be affected by financial concerns, we ask you to contact the homeroom teacher to make arrangements which will still allow your child to participate in each event.


Bullying is defined as a desire to hurt + a harmful action + a power imbalance + repeated behaviour over time

The effects of bullying last a lifetime. It causes misery for the bully’s target, and leaves a lasting impression on all those who witness repeated bullying incidents.

Please note: Bullying will not be tolerated and

will be seriously consequenced.