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About Power Glen Public School

Power Glen School has served the community for almost 100 years.  The original building opened as S.S. No. 8 on Pelham Road in Grantham Township in 1913.  This school was home to many wonderful staff and students, however, as the years went on, the school was no longer able to meet the needs of the community due to increasing residential development in the west end of St. Catharines.  A new building was constructed on Westland Street and opened in the fall of 2002.  Power Glen features a beautiful library, gymnasium, 16 classrooms, sports fields, playground equipment, YMCA Daycare facilities and Power Glen Early Learning Daycare on the premises. This school is now home to approximately 360 students from JK to Grade 8 and over 30 staff members.

At Power Glen, we continue to promote Character Education and building School Spirit. We are also continuing to create a school environment characterized by fairness and belonging, where differences and commonalities are acknowledged and embraced. Every student in the school belongs to a house colour (yellow, green, blue, purple, red, and orange). Throughout the school year, there are many house coloured activities planned.