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Extracurricular Activities

There are many opportunities for Power Glen students to become involved in school life. We believe it is very important for students to become active in school to help our students to develop as well rounded individuals.

Current Programs Running:

Cross Country - Mr. Brens, Mrs. Robinson, Ms. Whittal and Mr. Pisek - September & October
Junior Volleyball Boys -
Junior Volleyball Girls -
Intermediate Volleyball Boys - Mr. Wright - Fall
Intermediate Volleyball Girls - Mrs. Milllin - Fall
Soccer - Intermediate - Mr. Wright and Mrs. Lefebvre - September & October
Soccer - Junior - Mr. Wright and Mrs. Lefebvre - September & October
Running Club - Mr. Pisek and Ms. Whittal - September & October
You're the Chef - Mrs. Ramonna and Ms. Bruno
Student Council - Ms. Whital - Year Long
Healthy Schools Committee - Ms. Whittal - Ongoing
Drama Club- Ms. Vanderbent - October, November and December

Intermediate Basketball Boys - Ms. Ker and Mrs. Lefebvre - Winter

Intermediate Basketball Girls - Mr. Pisek and Ms. Whittal - Winter

Silver Birch and Red Maple Reading Program - Ms. Ker - Spring

Chess Club - Mme. Kesimaat - Spring

At Power Glen, students can join a variety of groups whether it be to expand their artistic, logic or humanitarian talents. Opportunities include:
Go Girls - Gr. 6 - Fall
Student Council - ongoing
Rankin Cancer Run Club - May

Power Glen students have many opportunities to get involved athletically around our school. Our Intramural Sports run all year long and all students are encouraged to get active.
Intramural Sports:
Line Soccer
Dodge Ball

Interschool Teams
Power Glen also offers an extensive Interschool Athletics program. Our competitive teams play in the Area 3 & 4 loop and participate in a variety of tournaments throughout the region. Our competitive teams include:
Junior Co-Ed Soccer - Fall
Cross Country - Fall
Volleyball - Fall
Basketball - Winter
Badminton - Spring
Track & Field - Spring
Co-Ed 3-Pitch - Spring

We encourage all students to get involved whether it be in the intramural or interschool programs. A health body helps to create a healthy mind!