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Dec. 6

  • Holiday choir will practice today at 2nd break in Mrs. Ker's room. You will return to your own classroom in time to eat your lunch. 
  • Cast photos today for Grinch cast! Please make sure you meet us in the gym at 1st break with your costume! There is an important rehearsal at 3-5:15pm . We only have one more week to rehearse so the last few nights in the gym next week are going to be vital for all Who's to attend! Thank you for all your hard work. A huge thank you for staff support as well! Mr. Brown with his amazing photgraphy, the Grade 8's with their whoville set creations, Mrs. Ramunno building the most amazing set on stage, the kindergarten classes for all their hard work rehearsing their songs, Miss. Barrett for her beautiful voice and choir help, Mr. Wright for always helping with set, Miss Sarah for putting up with us and always helping behind scenes, to our admin staff in the office, and to our fantastic parent council for their help with purchasing what we need for our show! Thank you to all of Power Glen! Reminder there is an after school rehearsal on Monday.  
  • It's WHOVILLE at Power Glen! From your 12 toes to your snout, you all look amazing, without a single Who doubt!  
  • Congratulations to the junior boys volleyball team for winning their final season game last night. Both the boys and girls teams were 5-0 this season. Stayed tuned for playoff information 
  • Minecraft club for grade 7s 2nd break! Bring your lunches!  

Dec. 5

  • NO Grinch rehearsal today at first break BUT there is an after school rehearsal in the music room  for ALL cast and choir whether you sing or not from 3-4:15pm  Thank you! 
  • Maybe..... Christmas …. Perhaps......  Means a little bit more!!! Which Who from Whoville will you be tomorrow for our spirit day?!  Have fun creating holiday style Who hair and show your spirit Panther pride with your house colour shirt tomorrow Dec 6th. 
  • Junior Girls volleyball team practice at First Break in the gym. We have a game tonight after school against Port Weller.  
  • A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR INTERMEDIATE GIRLS VOLLEYBALL TEAM. All our hard work paid off and we won the GOLD MEDAL last night at Super Night! Thanks to all who came out to watch a very exciting game against Pine Grove. Well deserved girls! Now we need to put away the volleyballs and pick up the basketballs!!! GO PANTHERS! 
  • The singing from choir and the Pen Centre singers has sounded amazing! Why not keep the melodies flowing while collecting canned food for Community Care! If you are in Grade 6,7 & 8, or if you are a student council member and you'd like to sing in the streets near Power Glen on Wednesday, December 11 from 5-7pm, please come to Miss Whittal's room at the 2nd part of first break (10:40) for a permission form! We need to know how many singers we have in order to decide how many houses we can sing for!  
  • ALL student council members are asked to meet in Miss Whittal's room at the 2nd part of 2nd break today! This meeting is important 
  • Grade 7 & 8s are reminded to hand in the Camp Wanakita interest form and to make your deposit by Monday! Winter Camp rocks!  
  • ALL girls who signed up for the Technovation Challenge are asked to meet in Miss Whittal's today at the beginning of 1st break to fill out the application form! Thank you for taking this positive risk and promoting action in the area of STEAM!  
  • The junior boys and girls play their last regular season game tonight at Power Glen. Just a reminder to the boys that we play at Power Glen after the girls.  

Dec. 4

  • Holiday choir will practice in Mrs. Ker's room at 1st break. 
  • Grinch rehearsal today in the gym at first break and after school from 3-5:15  
  • Deck your hair in holiday bling to show your spirit for Power Glen's Grinch play! Who hair – don't care! This Friday Dec 6 for our spirit day! Don't forget your house colour shirt too! 
  • Congratulations to the junior boys and girls volleyball teams for continuing their winning streak last night. Both teams are now 4-0 and play their final season game this Thursday. A special thank you to Johnny who has been doing an amazing job referring and to Ethan, Lucas, Ben, and Brayden who help with the score board and lines each game night.  
  • Good Luck to our Intermediate Girls Volleyball Team tonight. The are competing at Jean Sauve in Intermediate Girls Super Night. Come out and cheer our girls on at 6PM.


Dec. 3

  • Intermediate boys basketball try outs will continue today at 2nd break 
  • Holiday choir practice in Mrs. Ker's room at 1st break. You do not need to bring your snack. 
  • Grinch rehearsal today at 1st break in the music room and after school from 3-4:15pm 
  • Well.... in Whoville they say, the Grinch's small heart grew three times that day! Can't wait to see everyone's crazy holiday hair-do's and house colour shirts this Friday for the spirit day! 
  • Junior Girls volleyball practise at first break today. Be sure you are all there. We have a game tonight. 

Dec. 2

  • Holiday choir will be practicing on Tuesday and Wednesday at 1st break, and Friday at 2nd break in Mrs. Ker's room. You must be at all practices if you wish to attend the performance. 
  • It’s time...the Forest of Reading books have arrived! If you are interested in participating in Silver Birch or Red Maple this year please come to a brief meeting in Mrs. Ker's room at 1st break.  
  • Tie Dye T shirts got underway this AM, and if you weren't able to come and work on your shirt today, please come tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM to colour your shirt. Remember our goal is to have the shirts ready for this Friday's SPIRIT assembly. 
  • The Grade 8s are hosting a November/December SPIRIT assembly this FRIDAY in Period 1! ALL Panthers are asked to wear their house coloured shirts and any other house coloured costume pieces you might have. In addition to this, the cast and crew of The Grinch are challenging every Panther to wear Who Ville Hair on Friday to promote the upcoming performance.  
  • Oh the weather outside is frightful, but Panther singing is so DELIGHTFUL. Panthers in Grades 6, 7 & 8 who would like to sing in the community on Wednesday, December 11th, from 5-7PM, please meet in Miss Whittal's room today at the beginning of 2nd break for more information. This carol sing is to collect canned goods for Community Care and is another way to show that PG cares for the well-being of those around us. Student Council Members from all grades may also participate in this giving back event.  
  • Grade 4, 5, 6 Minecraft club second break. Bring your lunches!  
  • The Snow Hill is reopened. Remember - No hard plastic sleds, they must be foam.






Important Dates

Check our Calendar for Upcoming Events!

Dec. 2 - Gr. 7 & 8 Camp Wanakita Meeting - 6PM

Dec. 3 - Greeting Cards being delivered

Dec. 5 - Poinsettia Pick Up 11AM - 5 PM

Dec. 6 - Spirit Day - Wear House Colour

Dec. 11 - Caroling for Cans 4:45 PM - 7 PM

Dec. 12 - Caroling at Pen Centre from 11:45 - 12:15 PM

Dec. 13 - Joy Day in Whoville

Dec. 18 - The Grinch - Matinee at 1:30 PM, Evening Performance at 7 PM

Dec. 20 - Carol Sing at 8:45 AM in Gymnasium

Dec. 23 - Jan. 5 - Winter Holiday

Jan. 6 - Back to School


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