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Welcome to Power Glen Public School

We are pleased to provide an outstanding education at Power Glen Public School for our students. Innovative programs that meet the needs of all our students are taught by our dedicated and professional staff who care about your child. Our school provides extra-curricular opportunities that encourage the development of excellence, integrity and respect. Our Board is focused on literacy and numeracy achievement and creating an environment where we are working together on our goal of success for every student. At the District School Board of Niagara, we believe in the limitless potential of all children. We also value the community partnerships and parent involvement which are so crucial to a successful education for our students. "Everyone Matters" at DSBN. We always welcome your input and suggestions.


June Video Newsletter

• Live from Sir Winston Churchill Studios
• PG Report on the Arts
• Footage from the Art Show
• Footage from Track and Field
• Panther Prowl
• Chef A L'ecole
• Congratulations to Dheiksha for the Canada Wide Science Fair and to our math team who competed at OMO
• Upcoming Events (Special Olympics, SummerFest, Kindergarten Graduation, Grade 8 Graduation


May/June Paper Newsletter

May Video Newsletter


Thank you Mermaid Luxury Limo (Niagara Falls)

and Swiss Chalet


April Video Newsletter

This April Video covers the following events:
• Character Study -Volunteering at the Humane Society
• What are you grateful for? (insightful...when you watch it)
• Science Regional Fair (Thanks Mr. Brown for the photos)
• Puddle Jumping-Kindergartens
• Grade 1 Social Studies (making a change in our community)
• Sports-Jungle Sport and Wrestling
• Dance-a-thon
• Administration Address - (Math Fest covered here)
• Student Council's Goal and examples and non-examples (Math covered in here)

March Video Newsletter

Summary-: Reporters, .35 School Council Pancake Day, 2:05 Science Fair, 4:28 Techknowledge, 4:44 Robotics, 5:40 Mental (Emotional) Health with Mrs. Clarke (YC), 7:30 Sensory Room (Ms. Sowerby), 8:43 Power Glen Sports News, 11:30 Reports, 11:34 Administrations' Message, 13:39 Math Night (Wed. April 5) and Small Group Instruction, 16:58 You're The Chef, 18:42 Reporters Update on Upcoming Events, 19:27 March Break with Kindergarten, 10:15 Pink Day and 22:14 Jake's Corner

February Video Newsletter

Summary-: Reporters, .22 Character Study (Movember, Caroling for Cans, Adopt A Family), 2:04 Reports, 2:20 New Panther Paw Tickets, 3:11 Science Fair, 4:27 PGSN Power Glen Sports News (Walker Living Campus, Firefighter Fitness, Grade 3 Swim to Survive), 8:35 Administrations' Message (Term 1 Report Cards, New Citrus Fundraiser, Digweed on DreamBox, Emotional Wellness, Panther Paw Tickets), 12:19 Growth Mindset (Teacher's Professional Learning), 12:56 Citrus Fundraiser, 13:16 Krispie Kreme (Delivery February 9), Lollipop Grams (Delivery (February 13), 13:35 Family Care Day, 14:46 Reporters, 15:05 Growth Mindset and Learning Math (Keep Practicing a Growth Mindset) and 16:05 Jokes With Jake

December Video Newsletter

Summary- :Reporters, .30 PG in Harmony, 8:12 Reporters, 8:44 Student Council, 9:08 Power Glen Sports News, PG to We, 10:22 Adopt a Family 12 Days of Giving 13:18 Caroling for Cans, 13:53 Silver Birch and Red Maple Book Club, 14:53 Administration's Message, 16:37 Mrs. Ker's Math Class, 18:28 Growth Mindset, 19:05 Social Worker Cheryl Bechard-Howe, 19:46 Miss Findlay receiving the Director's Award, 22:52 Reporter Farewell to 2016, 23:16 Jake's Sharing Some Laughs

November Video Newsletter

Summary- :Reporters, .28 Gallery of the Arts, :55 Random Acts of Kindness, 1:30 Book Fair, 2:13 Growth Mindset, 2:41 PGSN (Power Glen Sports Network), 6:07 Needing Spare Sports Equipment for Outside Fitness Breaks, 7:12 Math Maters- Mr. Pisek, 11:30 Family Photo Night, 11:50 Niagara IceDogs, 12 Administration's Message, 15:30 Reporters Message

October Video Newsletter

Summary- :28 Meet the Teacher, 1:22 Terry Fox, 2:28 Orange Shirt Day Every Child Matters, 3:18 Kindergarten Naturalized Play Area, 4:42 Nut Free School, 4:54 Fire Prevention Week, 5:50 Magazine Fundraiser. 6:00 Staying Healthy, 7:18 Principal Findlay's message, 9:28 Growth Mindset, 9:35 Power Glen Ports News, 11:45 Panther Pride - Person of Excellence, 12:345 - I Matter, 15:45 Book Fair.

"I Matter at Power Glen" Video


Kindergarten Students Learning Math (Video)